Amir Taz Palace Conservation
Cairo, Egypt
Cairo's most intact Mamluk palace was built more than 650 years ago by Taz, 'a good-looking, tall and courageous knight ... well known for his good deeds as well as his extreme reverence for scholars'. The aim of this project was to restore the palace in a manner worthy of its founder, by creating a centre for culture and learning embracing both traditional arts and information technology. To achieve this it was necessary to stabilise the structure and strip away the damage caused by inappropriate additions and long-term misuse. More than 400 people were involved in the project.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Shari' al-Suyfiyya, Cairo, Egypt
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1352/753 AH, restored 2005/1425 AH
Ground floor area: 3,643 m²; combined floor area: 5,642 m²; total site area: 4,650 m²
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