Equestrian Stadium
Cairo, Egypt
The equestrian stadium attempts to 'rephrase some of the old values ... so that they may become part of modern civilisation'. The influence of Islamic architectural heritage may be seen in the monumental design of the main building, as well as in its internal organisation, which is focused around a courtyard illuminated from above. Modern materials and techniques are evident in the construction. The main building, used for receptions and administration, is concrete with brick infill, as is a second building containing 130 stables, a veterinary clinic and riders' accommodation. The 4'000-seat grandstand is finished in fair-face concrete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Cairo, Egypt
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Ground floor area: 6,800 m²; combined floor area: 7,350 m²; total site area: 100,000 m²
Building Usages
recreation and sport