24 North Jeddah Office Complex
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
The design for this office development divides the linear (27 x 230 m) site into five blocks. The abstract mass treatment of the two end blocks pays homage to primordial desert architecture, establishing an ecological narrative, whereas the design of the three middle modular units rethinks the Miesian typology of the glass office block in relation to the specific site. The designers believe that Islamic culture in general needs to 'complement its striving for things past' with an active participation in 'universal' intellectual production. The building envelopes are a combination of natural stone, Alucobond aluminium sheet cladding and thermal glazing.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
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Ground floor area: 3,540 m²; combined floor area: 20,600 m²; total site area: 6,890 m²
Variant Names
24 North Jeddah Office Complex
Building Usages
office building/complex