Caravanserai Hotel
Muğla, Türkiye
The development of Turkey's coastline for mass tourism represents a missed opportunity, say the designers of this project; instead of 'serious architecture', 'pastiche' and 'thematic' hotels have prevailed. Their 1'000-bed 'caravanserai' resort, by contrast, is conceived to be responsive to topography and climate. Three different holiday bungalow types are set at different levels of the steeply sloping site. Shared facilities, such as lounges, lobby and bar, are placed in a central sloped atrium connected to the beach 42 metres below by a funicular railway. The main structures are of reinforced concrete, while the exteriors are finished in painted concrete and stone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Muğla, Türkiye
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Ground floor area: 6,500 m²; combined floor area: 20,000 m²; total site area: 83,000 m²
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