Reconstruction of Mostar Bridge Complex
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The 16th-century Mostar bridge was blown up during the bitter fighting in the Bosnian war in 1993. Its reconstruction is seen as symbolic of the healing of divisions between the city's Muslims and Croats. The single-arch masonry bridge and related structures were rebuilt using the original methods and materials: stone, traditional lime mortar, metal (forged iron) and lead. Stone for the arch and parapet walls - an oolitic limestone that starts out ivory but turns grey over time - came from the quarry mined for the original bridge. Breccia was used for the abutment walls, while the walkway is of a marble-like limestone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Ground floor area: 1,105 m²; combined floor area: 1,358 m²; total site area: 1,200 m²
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