Weekend Office / Farmhouse
Nashik, India
The weekend office / farmhouse is planned on a simple rectangular grid, with the living spaces focused around internal courtyards. It was conceived as a sustainable building, using locally available and recycled materials. The stones used for the walls are quarried from the site. Conventional internal partitions are replaced with a layering of timber arches salvaged from a traditional 'wada' (courtyard house); bamboo curtains provide the necessary privacy in these open spaces. The sloping roofs are finished in Mangalore clay tiles and deodar wood recycled from packing boxes. Rainwater from the roof is harvested into a ground storage reservoir and recharge pits.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Nashik, India
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Ground floor area: 150 m²; combined floor area: 150 m²; total site area: 32,000 m²
Variant Names
Weekend Office / Farmhouse
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private residence