House in Sa'dabad
Tehrān, Iran
The project is a single-family home situated near the old Sa'dâbâd Palace in Tehran. The building is related to an English 'townhouse' in terms of size and proportions. (Its architect has returned to Iran after growing up in France and England.) It is an austere block with simple lines; the red brick of the facades is underscored by an exposed steel structure. This 'industrial look' is carried through to the interior, where a steel staircase shaft connects the different levels, from the duplex apartment on the two top floors, to the handicraft showroom at ground and first basement level, to the workshop in the second basement.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tehrān, Iran
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Ground floor area: 106 m²; combined floor area: 530 m²; total site area: 250 m²
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