Court of Appeal
Bamako, Mali
Sober and rigorous but at the same time noble, the aesthetics of our building are a reflection of how we would like citizens to regard the law.' In Bamako's Court of Appeal, sobriety and rigour are made manifest by the simple forms and clean lines of the facades. The desired nobility is expressed through the use of materials: Malian marble, wrought iron with motifs symbolising justice, glass (symbolising transparency) and terracotta bricks. The main two-storey building contains courtrooms, offices, a library, archive and IT facilities. A single-storey annexe has quarters for the barristers, court bailiffs and security personnel.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bamako, Mali
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Ground floor area: 3,612 m²; combined floor area: 5,561 m²; total site area: 30,000 m²
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