Islamic/Oriental Garden
Berlin, Germany
This 58 x 31 metre garden offers a window onto Muslim civilisation in the multicultural city of Berlin. The layout adheres to the essential traditions of the Islamic garden; it is an earthly representation of paradise, entered through portals in an enclosing wall. The garden courtyard is centred around a fountain pavilion and divided into quarters by water channels - 'four rivers' - oriented to the cardinal points. Ornamentation is essential to the garden: calligraphy, floral arabesques and 'zillij' are found on the walls, timber carving on the pavilion, 'muqarnas' on the vestibule, and painted wood in the arcades. Planting provides shade, colour, fragrance and taste.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Berlin, Germany
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Ground floor area: 1,968 m²; combined floor area: 2,208 m²; total site area: 2,260 m²
Variant Names
Islamic/Oriental Garden
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