Palace of the Buqshan Family Rehabilitation
Khaylah, Yemen
Since the return of its owner after a 20-year absence, this mud-brick palace has become key to the revitalisation of the community around it. Its first and second floors provide hotel-style accommodation for visitors and tourists, while its third floor is the base of the Khaylah Development Committee, which promotes investment in infrastructure. Built in the mid-1950s, the house had been virtually untouched for 46 years, yet hardly any structural work was required. What was needed was a general renovation, encompassing a renewal of the building's finishes and the remaking of decorative paintwork, ornamental bands and details.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Khaylah, Yemen
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Ground floor area: 690 m²; combined floor area: 5,255 m²; total site area: 1,453 m²
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