Traditional Nubian Roofs
Various locations, Burkina Faso
The Nubian vaulting technique is a simple, well-proven way of constructing mud brick houses that are environmentally friendly, comfortable and affordable (compared to using imported sheet metal roofing and timber beams). Focused on the sub-Saharan region, the project operates through demonstration (people seeing the houses being built and lived in), 'acclimatisation' (through meetings and demonstrations) and on-the-job training of new apprentices. Since its start in 2000 the number of vaults constructed and masons trained has increased by around 60 per cent each year. It is anticipated that the thousandth vault will be built in 2010.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Various locations, Burkina Faso
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Ground floor area: 50 m²; combined floor area: 8,000 m²; total site area: 8,000 m²