Hideaway Houses
Orencik, Turkey
Galvanised by predictions that a major earthquake will soon hit Istanbul, a group of acquaintances have founded a 'hideaway' settlement in a valley far from the 'maddening metropolis'. The six houses they have built demonstrate a fast and flexible technology for achieving earthquake resistance based on a 500-year-old Ottoman timber structural system. Studs, braces and joists made from local pine were used as the main structural elements and specially prepared forged iron nails were used for binding. The cage-like structure moves with the earthquake forces, but does not snap. Each carcass took around 10 days to complete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Orencik, Turkey
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Ground floor area: 925 m²; combined floor area: 925 m²; total site area: 65,000 m²
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