Peepul Centre
Leicester, United Kingdom
The Peepul Centre is a community-led project that aims to increase the profile of South Asian arts in the UK and in the process offer new economic and social opportunities for local people. A triple-height atrium - with internet café, restaurant, exhibition space and function rooms - connects two distinct blocks. One block is the 'Community Wing', containing a creche, family centre and health and fitness suite, the other an auditorium with a hinged seating-rake that allows for both traditional tiered performances and flat-floor functions. The building envelope incorporates a variety of materials including fair-face concrete panels, anodised aluminium louvres and coloured glazing.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Leicester, United Kingdom
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Ground floor area: 2,247 m²; combined floor area: 5,900 m²; total site area: 6,760 m²
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