Moorish Barracks Restoration
Macau, Macao
The Moorish Barracks were designed in 1874 by an Italian architect, Cassuso, to accomodate a regiment from India to reinforce Macau's police force. The Unesco-listed complex originally housed Goan platoons, but is now the headquarters of the Port Authority. Where the renovation has required external renovations, these have been superimposed as monochromatic concrete structures over the two-tone scheme of the historical complex. In the interior, a new steel frame has restructured the spaces for contemporary use. Other internal elements have been defined in glass, fireproof cemboard sheets and rubber flooring - materials that contrast with the original building fabric.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Macau, Macao
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Ground floor area: 2,409 m²; combined floor area: 3,124 m²; total site area: 3,124 m²
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