Ein Hud Restaurant
Ein Hud, Israel
Ein Hud restaurant could be compared to starter dough. It is the first step towards the economic independence of one Palestinian community within Israel: its first public building and at present its only source of employment. In the absence of a building permit, construction took place during weekends and Jewish holidays. After the basic structure was in place, it was completed from the inside out (as buildings that are already 'inhabited' are less likely to attract an immediate demolition order). Now that it has achieved official recognition, the community is planning further developments with the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory (FAST), an Amsterdam-based NGO.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ein Hud, Israel
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Ground floor area: 298 m²; combined floor area: 540 m²; total site area: 650 m²
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Ein Hod Restaurant
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