Terrace Housing
Lavasan, Iran
The stepped form of this residential development offers distinct advantages. It anchors the northern side of the structure to the ground, so that it absorbs the earth's natural temperature at a constant level - a valuable counterbalance to the extreme fluctuations of temperature in this mountainous region. It also provides each of the 15 units with direct access to the outside and with more or less identical panoramic views. Each unit has three to five bedrooms, four to six bathrooms and a private swimming pool. Reinforced concrete is used for the foundations and retaining walls. Partition walls are of hollow bricks.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Lavasan, Iran
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Ground floor area: 2,350 m²; combined floor area: 7,758 m²; total site area: 9,683 m²
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Terrace Housing
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housing development