Mokhtar Residence
Qaroun Lake at Al-Fayyum, Egypt
A desire to return to the origins of Egyptian rural architecture - the architecture of the common man, rather than the elite - was the motivation for this project. The three-storey house is of local limestone and sandstone, covered with a 25cm-thick insulating layer of mud and a final coat of mud plaster mixed with rice straw. Elements such as lintels and handrails are made from a local timber, Kafour. The caps of the sanitary ducts refer to the form of the pigeon towers that are an architectural symbol of Fayoum (but are now rare).

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Qaroun Lake at Al-Fayyum, Egypt
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Ground floor area: 362 m²; combined floor area: 687 m²; total site area: 1,400 m²
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