Korlai Bungalow
Korlai, India
For the Korlai (a small coastal village just south of Revdanda) bungalow, architect Nari Gandhi selected the waterfront lot and designed an elevated open arched pavilion facing the sea. Two parallel arches form the structural frame of the pavilion and support the large pitched roof. Constructed first, these arches are also braced with flying buttresses and are loaded with walls on either side to bear the thrust of the arch. These brick (wire-cut hollow brick) walls have punctures that were later filled with stained glass. The lower levels of the pavilion contained service spaces, bedrooms, and kitchen areas, whereas the upper level dining and living areas have spectacular views of the sea.

The house originally had a thatched roof, since replaced with a Mangalore tiled roof with wooden battens on the inner side. The architect also designed specific furniture for the bungalow, including chairs with differing leg lengths for the sunken-level dining area. Trees jut out from the house as if rooted in it, juxtaposed against the brick walls. The lower-level bedrooms have vaulted (apparently based on a triangular geometry) ceilings. As of February, 2008, the house is in very good condition, although seldom used.


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Korlai, Korlai, India
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