Passive Solar Demonstration Facility
South Tahrir, Egypt
The living quarters are separated from the animals' sheds and storage area by a courtyard. The entrance porch, accessed from the courtyard, opens on the other side onto the patio and divides the house into a sleeping area to the left (bedrooms and bathrooms) and a living area to the right (living/dining room and kitchen). The structure is of heavy, thick load bearing brick walls and brick domes used to optimize natural thermal patterns.

Cross-ventilation, wind tunnels humidifying the air, Trombe walls and the planted patio constitute the main passive cooling systems, while direct and indirect heat gain through glazed windows and Trombe walls are used for passive heating. Domestic water is heated by means of solar panels placed on the roof of the store room and animals sheds.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
South Tahrir, Egypt
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