Anguri Bagh Housing
Lahore, Pakistan

The project comprises 787 low-cost dwelling units arranged in 14 clusters of single, two-storey, and three-storey blocks. The project attempts to provide a large number of low-cost, one- and two-room housing units based on the living pattern of the urban poor of Lahore. Units are of two categories:

1. category one measures - 12ftx45ft, and consists of a room, a covered verandah, and an enclosed courtyard;

2. category two consists of two rooms, a verandah, and a courtyard.

In both cases, the kitchen forms an enclosure within the verandah, the WC, and bath open onto the courtyard.

The floor slabs and roof are of reinforced concrete cast in-situ. Window frames are of wood. All materials are produced locally, except steel, which is imported, and rolled locally.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Lahore, Pakistan
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Completed 1975
Site area: 43,664 m²
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