Lakkerwala Burj
Delhi, India
Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme
The domed, rubble built tomb stands on a high platform with arched openings on all four sides. The interior of the tomb is ornamented with Quranic verses in incised plasterwork. The high plinth of the monument had been inappropriately repaired necessitating the dismantling of the upper portion of the plinth wall before rebuilding as per original design that had survived in parts. The external and internal wall and dome surfaces were cleaned of algae and dust accumulations and cracks in the dome and over the arches carefully stitched. Lattice stone screens were re-installed in openings, replacing iron grills, to prevent entry of birds into the inner chamber and avoid decay of ornamental plasterwork from bird dropping and nesting. Conservation works will continue through 2010 and will include sensitively landscaping the setting of the monument, in keeping with the architectural and historical character of the monument.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Mathura Road, Nizamuddin, South Delhi, Delhi, India
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16th century, restored 2007-ongoing
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Lakkarwala Burj
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