Grand Festival Palace
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The Grand Festival Palace was built to provide a traditional environment for guests and official visitors of the Saudi Government. It also serves as a ceremonial hall for various celebrations and events, such as exhibitions can be held within its precintcs. The Palace consists of: a large covered porch, an entrance hall, a large sitting area, two dining halls, a cafeteria, and offices.

The L-shaped structure is accessed through two car ramps, laid out in a semi-circle, that lead to the entrance porch placed on the eastern side. The entrance hall is flanked on the right and left by the sitting area and the dining hall, both of which occupy a double height within the building's internal volume. The restaurant and cafeteria lie beyond the entrance hall, towards the structure's western end and the latter can be directly accessed from the exterior by two entrances.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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