Internal Security Forces Housing
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
The present settlement was the first in the series of new communities to be built within the programme of the Saudi Ministry of Interior. It can accommodate 8,000 in 1,342 villas. The community buildings include:
- four community mosques and one Friday mosque;
- an auditorium, a supermarket, a shopping center and a health center;
- five kindergartens and four combined primary and intermediate schools, two for boys and two for girls, each one accommodating between 450 and 900 pupils; and
- several recreational and sports facilities, clubs, and children's playgrounds
Each house includes an internal courtyard providing natural ventilation and privacy and designed as a walled shaded garden. Wooden screens cover windows, balconies and terraces. The various house-types are derived from different combinations of the standard elements used throughout the construction.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
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