Imamzadah Abu Lu'lu'
Kashan, Iran
The shrine of Baba Shoja al-Din is located in the vicinity of Kashan, on the road to the village of Fin. The building likely commemorates a local Sufi saint. Although the existing building dates from the Safavid period (1501-1732), the tilework covering the sarcophagus bears the date 1375/777, which indicates that the building’s foundation dates back to the fourteenth century.

The shrine consists of a square courtyard surrounded with iwans and arched recesses containing gravestones from the Safavid period. To the south is an iwan leading to a rectangular hall that precedes the tomb chamber, which is octagonal in plan and crowned by a tiled conical dome, 19 meters in height. The mausoleum is built of mud and baked brick and bears remains of painted plaster in the interior.


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Kashan, along the road to Fin, Kashan, Iran
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current building dates to the Safavid dynasty
restored 14th c.
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امامزاده ابو لؤلؤ
Imamzada Abu Lu'lu'
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