Dogan Printing Centre
Izmir, Turkey
This regional printing center for two daily newspapers distributes to retailers along the Aegean coast. Its simple orthogonal form is dictated by a 100 metre long print hall dividing the pre-print and post-print functions into two flanking sheds. The building’s function is clearly expressed in its linear horizontality, accentuated by high-level glazing on the front elevation. Monochrome metal cladding gives the print-works an austerity that borrows from Bauhaus industrial buildings and from the local geography, located as it is on the city outskirts. Internally, the building is more humane with a long rooftop garden bringing blue-collar and white-collar workers together.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Izmir, Turkey
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Dogan Printing Centre
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office building/complex