Railway Station (Marrakech)
Marrakech, Morocco
A new railway station has been inserted in roughly ten hectares of track and switching yards in Marrakesh, providing a modern facility the designers hope will be emblematic of the city. The designs include references to the Almohad gate, Jamaa al Fna, and other urban landmarks in Marrakesh. The architects have also followed an urbanistic program that responds to the street grid: the site internalises external streets, and interfaces with pedestrian and vehicular access. It is estimated that 60% of the costs of construction have been covered by rents for commercial spaces - shops and restaurants - and it is also estimated that two thirds of visitors to the station are non-travellers.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Marrakech, Morocco
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Railway Station (Marrakech)
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train station
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