Merghoub Residence
Beni Izguen, Algeria
A two-storey construction, which covers a square ground surface and includes four levels. The basement provides living space during the hottest hours of summer days, a prayer room and a cosultation office. The men's and women's entrances, gardens and living rooms are situated in separate areas of the ground floor on either side of the swimming pool. The system of doors create private spaces as needed, whether by men or women.

The two upper storeys are organized around open patios and terraces with a women's prayer room on the first floor. Outdoor sleeping terraces are also provided on different levels for children and parents. Throughout the construction, enclosed living areas open to patios and rooms onto terraces, to create a variety of levels designed to channel refreshing breezes through the building. A heating system of hot water ducts ensures efficient temperature control in the winter. Sand-winds are deflected through curtain walls as well as small openings without sashes or directly embedded into the rendering mortar.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Beni Izguen, Algeria
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Merghoub Residence
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private residence