Stone Courtyard Tea House
Chengdu, China
Chengdu is famous for its tea houses, which are a key part of the social life of the region. Set at the foot of the Qingcheng Mountain this tea house comprises five interlinked courtyard buildings huddled together with narrow passages in between. The first is empty, providing an arrival space, and the last houses kitchen and living areas, with the tea rooms in the three central structures. All are clad with local slate, which will gradually be covered in green moss in the humid, rainy climate of the area. Local craftsmen were involved in the design and construction of the traditional wooden roof structure.

Source: Aga Khan Khan Award for Architecture
Da Guan Town, Qingcheng Mountain Du Jiangyan County, Chengdu, China
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Completed 2007
Site area: 600 m²; floor area: 480 m²
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Stone Courtyard Tea House
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