Tibet Yaluntzangpu Boat Terminal
Senbocun, China
Rising from the Yaluntzangpu River, a series of ramps winds its way around several large poplars before projecting out over the water. This is the Yaluntzangpu Boat Terminal, the remotest stop along the river, allowing both local people and travellers to sail deep into the valley to the foot of the Namchabawa Snow Mountain. The terminal provides a ticket office, waiting area, toilets and, should bad weather prevent travel, a sleeping area. Built from local rocks and wood by local craftsmen and masons, the terminal merges with the stunning landscape that surrounds it, providing an innovative combination of the local and the contemporary.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Senbocun, China
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Tibet Yaluntzangpu Boat Terminal
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