Catalhoyuk Excavation Protective Structures
Catalhuyuk, Türkiye
These two shelters, designed to protect the Neolithic mud huts at Catalhöyük and put them on public display, had to fulfil a difficult brief with a tight budget. Both structures rest on continuous concrete plinths, which distribute loads evenly, allowing shallow foundations to avoid disturbing the remains. The South Shelter’s space frame steel superstructure was constructed by hand, since no trucks or cranes could access its sloping site. Small cranes could be used for the ‘40x40’ shelter, which therefore has a Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) frame. The covering of white semi-translucent polycarbonate panels is strong enough for heavy wind and snow and distributes sunlight evenly.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Catalhuyuk, Türkiye
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