Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice
Kuwait City, Kuwait

The pediatric hospice in Sulaibikhat Bay overlooks a nature reserve in close proximity to the Arabian Gulf and the Sabah Medical Centre. Respite accommodation attempts to re-create a familiar environment of Kuwaiti seaside chalets for patients. Facilities are surrounded by landscaped play areas and include clinics, a hydrotherapy pool, school, auditorium, library, play areas and a mosque. Much attention has been paid to creating a child-friendly interior to the buildings, including desert animal motifs on walls, cocoon hideouts in play areas, star-optic lights over patient’s beds and miniature doors. Buildings are designed as reinforced concrete structures clad with aluminium panels in primary colours.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Completed 2011
16,546 m²
Building Usages
social welfare