Yildiz Palace Yaveran Qasr Restoration
Istanbul, Turkey
Commissioned by Sultan Abdul Hamid in the late 19th century and designed by Italian architect Raimondo Dranco, the Yaveran building is part of the Yildiz Palace complex and originally accommodated the Palace's high-ranking aides-de-camp. The two-storey, wooden structure was first thoroughly surveyed in order to register the forms of the original woodwork and wall decorations. The interior was then demolished and rebuilt according to the original plans, while the exterior was left intact, but underwent total restoration. The straight, oblong plan of the building and its rythmic facade constituted an ideal shell for the subdivision of floor surfaces on both floors; a basement was added to provide additional storage space. Original details were restored in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of Yaveran building, once the garden's eastern wall, placed at the entrance of the Yildiz Palace complex. Two other monuments annexed to this building - the guard-house and the Hamidiye Fountain - were also restored.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Yildiz Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
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late 19th c., restored 1986
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Yildiz Sarayi Yaveran Köskü Restorasyonu
Yaveran Pavilion
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