Haileybury Astana School
Astana, Kazakhstan

Haileybury the prestigious UK independent school, has developed its first international branch in Astana. A master plan was developed for 1,000 students on a 12 hectare plot. The school building is characterised by a grand courtyard and ‘uncompromisingly modern’ design. Student dormitories, sport fields and tutor accommodation are planned in future phases. A challenging climate has defined the spatial articulation and orientation of the courtyard building maintained at 2 storeys to counterbalance massing. Periphery blocks disjointed at corners form small courtyards. Transition spaces are maintained indoors as social interaction spaces forming two- to three-storey atriums. All materials are imported, including clinker brick cladding, and aluminium facade frames.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Astana, Kazakhstan
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Completed 2011
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