Tefken Kagithane Offices
Istanbul, Turkey
In departing from the generic office-tower and proposing a series of structures of different shapes and sizes distributed around two central courtyards, the architects found inspiration in the patterns developed by the squatter settlements that first set the tone for the Kagithane area and in the multi-storey building blocks of the legalised squatters’ second generation. These fragmented patterns of settlement, in what is now a central business district, delivered buildings meeting around courtyard spaces providing commercial and public amenities, places of encounter enhanced by the simple reinforced concrete materials and stucco and paint finish. The fragmentation is also reflected in the facades with the rhythm and play of variously sized and shaped windows.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Istanbul, Turkey
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Tefken Kagithane Offices
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office building/complex
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee