Ab-o Atash Park
Tehrān, Iran

Situated in the Alborz mountains, Abbasabad acts as the lungs of Tehran. In 2004, plans were approved for the area to become an open green cultural complex. Ab-o Atash (‘Fire and Water’) Park acts as both an entrance to this garden complex and a city plaza. It is based on the story of the prophet Ibrahim, five episodes of which are told through wrought-iron sculptures. Four fire towers and a number of water fountains provide lively, inviting signs. The principal materials used in the landscaping include ‘travertine’ and ‘laybid ‘stone and ceramic tiles. Small coloured tiles soften the texture of the stone flooring in some areas, encouraging children’s play.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tehrān, Iran
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Completed 2010
18,000 m²
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