Qasr al-Hallabat Complex Restoration
Qasr al-Hallabat, Jordan
Abandoned after destruction by an earthquake in AD 749, this important Umayyad desert castle comprises a Roman fort transformed in the 7th-8th century AD into a palace; a mosque; a bath house with walled garden; an agricultural enclosure; and hydraulic infrastructures. Reconstruction has only been carried out where full evidence and most of the original pieces were available. New elements are recognisable by their sharp-edged carving. A poor 1970s consolidation of the bath house, using overly rigid cement, has been reversed. Local craftsmen were trained in traditional building and conservation techniques. A new Visitor Centre and Site Museum tell the story of the site, and display artefacts and architectural elements found there.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Qasr al-Hallabat, Jordan
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