Lycée Français Jean Mermoz
Dakar, Senegal
What distinguishes this project from others that typically turn their backs on imported styles and materials to build with local technologies is that as a kindergarten through 12th grade campus, it is much greater in scope, and allows for large-scale production technologies. Its extensive facilities, are, with a few exceptions, built of ventilated masonry double-walls. Laid out to take advantage of the trade winds, this sensitivity to climate and microclimate become organising principles. The buildings are connected by alleys of shaded corridors that create an ambiguity of indoor and outdoor spaces, clarified in part in the colouring scheme which uses a palette of reds and roses to tie the campus to the surrounding landscape while differentiating buildings and circulation spaces.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dakar, Senegal
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Completed 2011
17,000 m²
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