Ragussi Association Building
Tanguen-Dassouri, Burkina Faso
Three buildings were constructed in response to a programme that called for dormitories, washrooms, and production and storage facilities for the women who produce shea butter. Emphasis is placed on local materials and technology as walls are made of local stone - red laterite - for its availability and thermal mass. Intakes are included in the walls and slits are introduced in the straw-insulated split roof to ventilate and cool naturally. Raised floors reduce exposure to moisture during the rainy season. Concrete is employed minimally in the structures, as a stated goal was to move away from the use of cement. The exception is the washroom facility with tiles over a concrete and cement block.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tanguen-Dassouri, Burkina Faso
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440 m²
Variant Names
Ragussi Association Building
Building Usages
office building/complex
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee