MAS Intimates Thurulie
Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka
This apparel manufacturing plant is designed as a model green factory, providing exterior views for all of the 1,300 occupants in a multi-storey building constructed without columns. Arranged as a series of mini-factories rather than one large enterprise, each unit comprises a complete production process to allow for downsizing if necessary. Minimising disturbances to the land which slopes down to a pond, the factory is built with unvarnished Cement-stabilised earth bricks on a portal structure of steel and is oriented to maximise natural light and passive cooling. Vegetation plays a key role in the natural ventilation, with over 400 trees planted to enhance the microclimate. The terraced landscape also serves to retain storm-water on site.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka
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