Gnama Illam Residence
Ammāpattinam, India

The stated goal for this two-storey rural house for a family of eight was to revive the vernacular in a modern way. Built without a compound wall, the house connects directly to the street. Entry is through a double-height courtyard in one corner leading into the public spaces that include the double-height dining and living room. Constructed of load-bearing, nine-inch stabilised mud-block walls, a filler-and-slab roof and several terraces, in volumetric treatment it reads like a cube with spaces carved out. In this way it provides a sense of modernity in the allocation of spaces, while sympathising with local dwellings in the use of traditional building materials and systems, as in the natural ventilation and the indoor-outdoor living.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Ammāpattinam, India
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Completed 2010
204 m²
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