Tophane District Urban Conservation Program
Bursa, Turkey
The programme foresaw the rehabilitation of neighbourhoods and historic sites, the restoration and repair of street facades, the creation of new public spaces and landscaped pedestrian areas. With the participation of the public, the sanitation on Kale Street was renewed, and some houses held in private hands rehabilitated. The tomb of Okçu Baba was restored and a ruined church wall on the edge of an open space was re-used to form a multi- functional area for cultural activities. The constant attention to detail in the execution of the rehabilitation programme was met with considerable public interest which was practically manifested in the manner they participated in some aspects of the work.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tophane district, Bursa, Turkey
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14th c.-19th c., conservation 1985
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Tophane ve Çevresi Koruma Plani
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urban design and development
urban design and development