Al-Saleh Mosque
Sana'a, Yemen

With Sana’a’s 7th-century mosque, one of the world’s oldest, unable to cater for modern needs despite numerous expansions over the centuries, a new grand mosque was commissioned. Its design reflects traditional Islamic and Yemeni architecture. The main prayer hall, accommodating 20,000, has a red-painted carved oak ceiling inspired by that of the city’s original mosque. The rich decorative scheme also includes over 40 individually designed stained-glass windows. The six minarets - two 80 metres tall, four 100 metres tall - can be seen from throughout Sana’a. Other spaces include a prayer hall for women, and a library housing numerous priceless historic manuscripts on various fields of science and history.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Sana'a, Yemen
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Completed 2008
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