Band-i-Amir National Park Amenities
Band-e Amīr, Afghanistan

Built of locally-produced sun-dried brick, and sited in the foothills of the mountains serves as a visitor centre and a park-ranger’s home. The walls are 80 cm. thick for thermal gain, which is augmented by a traditional underground heating system. Local flat stones are used as the outside plinth, and the flat stones in the façade echo the geological formations around the Band-i-Amir lakes. The roof is insulated with a layer of sheep wool. The project was designed and constructed collectively with the local villagers, and includes a gate-house and latrines built using the same techniques and aesthetic. The visitor centre is often used by the villagers as a community centre. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Band-e Amīr, Afghanistan
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Completed 2007
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