Galbabhai Training Institute
Palanpur, India
The complex, built in the midst of wheat fields, consists of two distinct clusters respectively housing the school and residential units. The former group of structures, accessed by a courtyard, is designed as a house, with several courts and rooms where people can gather, and a verandah used as a dining space. Indoor and outdoor areas are clearly defined so as to reflect the villagers' perception of space and seclusion. The series of loggias making up the dormitories do not open on the courtyard placed in their center in order to achieve maximum privacy. The compound is enclosed by stone walls, and the buildings' openings are spanned by concrete lintels and are deeply recessed to provide additional shade. The exposed stone facades and arched lintels used throughout convey a visual unity to the overall design.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Palanpur, India
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