Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed School
Mombasa, Kenya
The main school buildings occupy the northern part of the site and are grouped around a main square while all the boarding and accommodation facilities are built towards the back of linear extension in the east-west direction. Covered galleries supported on pre-cast concrete keel-arches run outside the units, casting shade on the facades, and connect the various facilities. The architectural treatment exploits elements such as pointed arched windows, claustra and externalized water spouts which, as they recur throughout, contribute to the unity of the design and permitted the use of pre-fabrication and pre-casting techniques, a cost-limiting factor. The rectangular mosque prayer hall is covered by three small domes of keel-arch section, otherwise pitched roofs, some including integrated north-lighting, protect the constructions. The project integrates well with the surrounding landscape and only a minimum of the existing vegetation was cleared prior to the begining of the works.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Mombasa, Kenya
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Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed School
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high school