Mount Sinai Ecolodge
Saint Catherine, Egypt
Situated on a remote trail to Mount Sinai’s summit, the ecolodge comprises a restaurant, kitchen, shared showers and bathrooms, bedrooms and water tank. The structures’ circular plans reflect the forms of the surrounding valleys, and their design emphasises Bedouin life patterns. The restaurant’s central fireplace encourages guests to gather round. Bedrooms are oriented for maximum sun exposure in winter and good cross-ventilation in summer. Walls are of stones from the site, with slates inserted to create features such as built-in shelves. Mortar is made from desert clay. Roofs are of palm trunks from Menia, as Sinai suffers a lack of botanic coverage. Local labourers were employed and simple traditional techniques used.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Saint Catherine, Egypt
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