Dharmala Office Building
Jakarta, Indonesia
A covered walkway at the base of the building leads into the office tower, the bank and central inner courtyard. The restaurants and cafeteria line the central sunken courtyard from which rise five floors, terraced in an inverted funnel shape and planted with vines covering overhangs. From the fifth level, the tower proper rises over 19 storeys and alternates three typical floor plans, which rotate as the building ascends. On the outer facades, this geometry results in an almost undulating effect, as each floor features its own roof-spandrel protecting the glazed surfaces from sun-glare, which in turn form a cascade of balconies and terraces. The combination of shaded glazed openings, glazed walls giving onto balconies, braced, stilt-like circular columns and the various open inner spaces contribute to maximize climatic control effects and air circulation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Dharmala Sakti Office Building
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