Magh Bazar Housing Complex
Dhaka, Bangladesh
The complex is made up of ten walkup blocks occupying three neighbouring sites. All blocks are based on a 3m structural module and are five-storey high, except for one C-type block which was lowered because of the undue shade it cast on the neighbouring structures. Some basic amenities such as paved parking areas, servants quarters, sanitary facilities, a pump house for the underground reservoir and washing facilities have also been integrated to the design. Sun and prevailing winds imposed openings on southern and northern facades, whereas eastern and western walls are solid, with very few and small windows. Parapet walls and windows are topped by stepped corbels which act as protection, and break the impact of rain water. The remaining wall surfaces therefore absorb less humidity.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Magh Bazar Housing Complex
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