Bandar Abbass Television Center
Bandar Abbas, Iran

The project consists of six clusters of domed buildings house a TV production and transmission center in a remote town on the Persian Gulf. The objective of the design was to maintain the traditional forms, systems, and materials of indigenous architecture within a functional composition that benefits from new technology and methods of construction. The Radio and Television Center is composed of the following six groups of buildings.

The first three groups form the primary masses; the remaining three complete the composition:

Production and transmitting center consists of eight cylindrical rooms of varying sizes, grouped around a large circular space;

Offices and laboratories for film and photography form the second major cluster. The five large square rooms are roofed with conical domes. Four of these are preceded by arcades on their exposed sides;

Staff housing includes a group of rooms clustered around a square central patio;

Entrance pavilion comprised of a central room with an entrance to either side;

Two attached cylindrical rooms house the electrical equipment, the air conditioning equipment and storage;

Facilities for the production of sets and scenery form the initial southern edge of the composition and consist of three attached cylindrical rooms; and

Two linear buildings were added later to provide studios, offices, storage, etc.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bandar Abbas, Iran
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Completed 1968
27,000 m²
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Bandar Abbas Television Center
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