Istiqlal Mosque
Jakarta, Indonesia
The rectangular main prayer hall building is covered by a central spherical dome of 45m in diameter. The latter is supported by twelve round columns and the prayer hall lined by rectangular piers carrying overhanging balconies on each of the four storeys. Staircases, placed on the corners of the building give access to all floors. Access into the hall is through an entrance building covered by a chutri-like dome 10m in diameter. The latter structure is directly connected to the arcades which run around the large courtyard. The alignment of the mosque's courtyard to the National Monument adds symbolic weight to the former's position and marks it as the National Mosque. Besides religious facilities, the mosque also provides for social and cultural activities that include: lectures, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, bazaars and programmes for women, youth and children.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jakarta, Indonesia
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